Veterinarian activists call for independent syndicate following election

Veterinarian activists have called for establishing an independent syndicate after a candidate endorsed by the Muslim Brotherhood won leadership on Friday of the state-dominated Egyptian Veterinarian Syndicate. The syndicate, which advocates on behalf of veterinarians, has approximately 30,000 members and is one of Egypt's largest synidicates.

Samy Taha, the newly-elected chief, rejects the idea of setting up an independent syndicate. He denied having links with the Brotherhood despite the fact that the latter chose to endorse his candidacy.

“We represent all veterinarians,” he said, in reference to his movement, the Veterinary Doctors for the Renaissance of Egypt, which won 23 of the syndicate board’s 24 seats. “Don’t ask me about the Brotherhood, for I’m the veterinarian's syndicate head and I represent everyone.”

He added that his movement is unaffiliated with the group.

However, not everyone trusts him. Hinting at a secret alliance, Mohamed Aboul Rous, a coordinator for the competing Veterinarians Without Rights Movement, told Al-Masry Al-Youm that election results would lead the Brotherhood to establish their control over the syndicate.

The new head has said that young veterinarians are his top priority, adding that it is inconceivable for young veterinarians to graduate and remain jobless or perform work unrelated to their degree.

He vowed not to work with the current agriculture minister since Egypt’s animal resources are “not in honest hands."

Tranlsated from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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