Video: Police storm Chinese woman’s villa for hosting ‘snake’ barbecue amid virus outbreak

New Cairo police stormed a villa where a group of Chinese expatriates in Egypt were rumored to be barbecuing snakes in Madinaty, a suburb of New Cairo, Egypt.

Panic spread among the suburb residents over crowding at the woman’s villa amid calls for social distancing to limit the spread of coronavirus, after which a neighbor filed a report with the police against the resident.

The Madinaty community Facebook page claimed that a Chinese resident was hosting a barbecue of cooked snakes inside her garden.

However, Dr. Sayed Obeid, Director of Veterinary Medicine in Cairo, later clarified that the resident was actually preparing cooked penises of various animals such as cows, rather than snakes. 

The page reassured residents that no coronavirus cases have been detected in the suburb.

It added that legal and health measures have been taken regarding the incident, with the villa being disinfected in coordination with security authorities.

The police confiscated a number of the “snakes” from the woman’s home, with reports from the Facebook page claiming the woman was grilling them to serve them as a meal for her friends.

Later, the page deleted its post, citing an “inappropriate” exchange between neighbors in the comments, it said.

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