Wafd Party to field candidate in upcoming presidential elections

The liberal Wafd Party will announce its candidate for the next presidential elections in two weeks, said the party's president al-Sayyed al-Badawi in a press conference on Thusday. “It will be a surprise,” he said. “And our candidate has a good chance to win.”

Al-Badawi warned of threats to the 25 January Reviolution, which he said the world regards as one of the great revolutions in history. “There are certain forces that want to spread chaos and spoil the achievements of the revolution,” he said. “But the blood of those who died will not be in vain.”

“Those forces don't simply want to sow discord between Muslim and Copt,” he said. “They want the same between Sunni and Shia, Salafist and progressive and so on. They even want to divide the country into a north and a south.”

Translated from the Arabic Edition.

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