What about Jerusalem?

You may have noticed that many Egyptians and Arabs have become less interested in the Palestinian cause, compared to the time before the Arab revolutions, although the Israeli authorities abuse and oppress the Palestinians in Jerusalem, and storm the Islamic holy places.
The Arab and international media have significantly denigrated the Palestinian issue, which hinders the efforts of the Palestinian people to achieve independence and dignity.
The Arab Maghreb is preoccupied with the sharp political transformations in the wake of the Arab Spring.
Libya is preoccupied with the collapse of its state institutions, the conflict between Islamists over Tripoli, the IS infiltration and the international and regional interventions.
The media in Egypt are either too biased politically or they are just concentrating on entertainment.
Sudan is preoccupied with its internal problems.
As to the Arab Mashreq, the Syrians are suffering from the devastating fires of civil war, which is no less disastrous than the Palestinian problem.
Lebanon is still a victim of a political vacuum that has lasted for more than a year now, rendering it incapable of electing a president. Add to it the outbreak of demonstrations against the ruling elite.
Iraq has collapsed and will of course stay away for many years from any cause of regional nature, and so will Yemen.
The Arab Gulf states, which have traditionally been supporting the Palestinian cause, are now preoccupied with the Iran conflict.
Ironically, the western media, which has systematically been biased to Israel, started to cover news more objectivity, which has boosted the Palestinian position in front of world public opinion. Yet the coverage has diminished in favor of the refugee issue, especially after the Syrian child Ilan was found dead on a beach, and attention was pulled away from the Palestinian cause.
The Palestinian issue, which has always been a key issue for the Arabs, is becoming less prevalent in the media due to struggles in the Arab world with parties other than Israel.
We should help the Palestinians achieve their rights no matter how difficult our internal problems are.
Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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