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What to eat and avoid during suhoor: nutrition consultant

Therapeutic nutrition consultant Ramy Salah warned against eating beans or eggs at the pre-dawn meal (suhoor) and then sleeping immediately afterward, as this would cause indigestion.

Salah added in a statement on the DMC channel, that there are two types of fasting people, the first of which is the one who takes their suhoor meal and then sleeps afterward. These types must include yogurt and fruit for their suhoor meal, preferably watermelon or cantaloupe due to their high liquid content.

The nutrition consultant explained that eating yogurt during the pre-dawn period will help the fasting person not feel thirsty until noon, and help prevent problems in the digestive system.

The second type is those who take their suhoor meal and go to work.

These people must consume adequate proteinĀ such as beans or eggs provided they are not taken together to prevent digestion problems during the day.

Salah added that cheese can be eaten during suhoor as long as it is low in salt.

He also called on fasting people to drink large quantities of water between the iftar and suhoor meals, stressing that the suhoor meal is no less important than iftar.

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