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Windows 10 coming in 190 countries, 111 languages

Microsoft says its new Windows 10 operating system will be coming "this summer" in 190 countries and 111 languages.
In a blog post late Tuesday, Microsoft executive vice president Terry Myerson said the operating system designed for multiple devices would also have a "small footprint" for connected devices.
"We continue to make great development progress and shared today that Windows 10 will be available this summer in 190 countries and 111 languages," he said.
Microsoft has yet to provide a precise date for the launch of the operating system, which is aimed at powering PCs, smartphones and also connected devices such as bank machines and medical equipment.
"For the first time, a new version of Windows for small footprint IoT (Internet of Things) devices will be available — for free — when Windows 10 launches," Myerson said.
"Windows 10 will offer versions of Windows for a diverse set of IoT devices, ranging from powerful devices like ATMs and ultrasound machines, to resource constrained devices like gateways."
Microsoft is also working with fast-growing Chinese smartphone maker Xiaomi to test Windows 10 on its devices.
The US tech giant also announced partnerships with Chinese-based Tencent and Lenovo to help customers in China upgrade to Windows 10.
The company also said Tuesday that Windows 10 will allow users to sign in to a device without a password by using biometrics, including facial recognition.

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