Young Brotherhood members suggest consensus over single presidential candidate

The young members of the Muslim Brotherhood, including the “Brotherhood Cry” group, have launched an initiative to reach a national consensus over a single presidential candidate.

They issued a statement, saying: “Based on our responsibility towards our country, and consistent with the thoughts of our imam, Hassan al-Banna, we call upon all the honorable national forces to stand up to their responsibility at this difficult historical moment of the glorious Egyptian revolution, and agree on one presidential candidate who is able to achieve the aspirations of the Egyptian people in the face of the remnants of the former regime.”

The statement also said that they put the interest of the nation above any personal or material interests.

Ahmed Abu Baraka, legal advisor to the Freedom and Justice Party, questioned the earnest of the initiative. “They were against the idea of ​​consensus candidate before,” he said, adding that the mother group was against it from the very beginning.

Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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