Youth coalition dismisses Mubarak ‘s speech, warns of escalation

The Coalition of the Anger Uprising Youth dismissed the promises President Hosni Mubarak made in his speech on Thursday as “an act” meant to trick people into leaving Tahrir Square. The youth maintain that they will escalate their protests until Mubarak leaves office.

“Mubarak’s speech shows that he doesn’t care about the stability of the country and the lives of the martyrs, and is determined to hold on to his position,” said Amr Salah, a member of the coalition.

Mubarak announced Thursday that he would delegate his authorities to Vice President Omar Suleiman, promising constitutional changes and an end to the state of emergency when the country stabilizes.

Abdel Rahman Samir, National Association for Change spokesman and youth coalition member, said people don’t want “a copy of Mubarak,” referring to Suleiman, who he deems to be “an expert in manipulation.”

Suleiman followed Mubarak’s speech by urging the protesters to “go home.”

“Nothing that they do will succeed in making the people go home, our main demand remains Mubarak’s departure,” Samir said.

Mubarak’s presence in power “is a continuation of the lies, deceit and instability that we have endured for 30 years,” he said.

“Someone who has the habit of lying to his people will not change his behavior overnight.”

After announcing support for the people’s demands in a statement Thursday, the army’s supreme council released a second statement on Friday echoing Mubarak’s promises.

Samir urged the army to change its position and side with the people. “We wish for the army to side with the demands of the people and to realize that the real legitimacy is the legitimacy of the people.”

Protesters were already taking steps Friday to escalate their movement as they marched on the Presidential Palace and the television building. More measures would be taken as long as Mubarak refuses to resign, said Salah.

“Any more speeches, attempts of manipulation, lies or disregard for the people’s demand will be met with rejection and escalations,” said Salah.

According to Samir, the youth propose the formation of a temporary government that would be responsible for the dissolution of the Shura Council and the People’s Assembly and would pave the way for honest elections.

Samir said he is betting on the people’s increasing enthusiasm and persistence. “If the regime is trying to use time against us, we are confident that we will be able to stand our ground longer than them.”



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