Youth group rejects nomination of planning minister for FM

The April 6 Youth Movement on Tuesday rejected the nomination of Faiza Abul Naga, Egypt's minister of planning and international cooperation, for the post of foreign minister. The movement accused her of being affiliated with former President Hosni Mubarak's regime.

On 15 May, Arab League selected Egypt's current foreign minister, Nabil al-Araby, to succeed Amr Moussa as secretary general.

In a statement, April 6 spokesperson Mohamed Adel accused Abul Naga of involvement in defending Mubarak’s regime in the US and working against Egyptian activists there.

“Abul Naga is involved in paying bribes, financed from the state budget, to the Zionist lobby in the US and other groups in a bid to pressure the American administration into backing Mubarak and abolishing communications with Egyptian pro-democracy activists," the statement said.

"The foreign minister post has to be filled by a revolutionary figure," it said.

After Mubarak resigned 11 February, several revolutionary youth groups became indignant that Abul Naga maintained her position in the interim cabinet under Prime Minister Essam Sharaf.

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