A Russian soldier’s war crimes trial has resumed

Saskya Vandoorne in Kyiv

A Russian soldier is back in a larger Kyiv court on Thursday after proceedings were adjourned Wednesday because the courtroom was too small to accommodate the 150 journalists who turned up.

The trial of Vadim Shishimarin is the first Ukrainian war crimes trial since the Russian invasion started.

The 21-year-old soldier pleaded “fully” guilty Wednesday to shooting an unarmed 62-year-old civilian in Ukraine’s Sumy region on the fourth day of the war and is facing a life sentence.


On Thursday, three judges will hear testimony from Shishimarin, as well as from the victim’s widow.

Two other witnesses will be called by the prosecution, including a second Russian soldier who was in the same car as Shishimarin when he allegedly fired his Kalashnikov.

Shishimarin’s lawyer, Volodymyr Ovsyannikov, told CNN he would be raising the question of whether the prisoner of war being called as a witness is providing his testimony voluntarily.

Ovsyannikov said he welcomed the opportunity to provide a fuller picture of the precise events of February 28.

The Kremlin said Wednesday that it had no information about the case.



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