Abul Gheit: Egypt seeks to prevent Sudanese civil war

Minister of Foreign Affairs Ahmed Abul Gheit on Saturday said Egypt seeks prevention of violence between north and south Sudan, as well as adherence to the south Sudan succession referendum, “whatever the result is, either separation or unity.”  

In a joint press statement with his Sudanese counterpart Ali Karti, Abul Gheit said the referendum is indispensable in procuring widespread rights in Sudan. The foreign minister also emphasized the need to resolve outstanding issues.

“It’s important now to focus on the referendum procedures, so it will be held on time,” said Abul Gheit. “The referendum should be postponed, if the two parties are convinced that the public interest requires so.”

In response to whether Egypt is partial to separation or unity, Abul Gheit said, “Certainly there’s a chance for unity, but the right of self-determination became a clear concept among the north and south.”

Karti said there’s a growing need for the Sudanese to inform the Egyptian government of internal developments. He argued this will help to enable international and regional awareness.

“The Sudanese government is committed to holding the referendum on its scheduled time," said Karti.  “The postponing issue is proposed by foreign parties that visited Sudan and then got to know complications that face holding the referendum on time."

In related news, Egyptian Minister of Irrigation Mohamed Nassr Eddin Allam is scheduled to visit the region on Monday to meet with south Sudan government spokesman, Paul Mayom, in order to discuss a number of projects initiated and funded by Egypt.

Translated from the Arabic Edition.

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