Alaa Mubarak plays dice, eats molokhia in Imbaba

After a dinner of molokhia at a popular restaurant in Imbaba, Alaa Mubarak, son of deposed president Hosni Mubarak, spent the night playing dice and taking photos with other customers at the café.

Social media users posted photos and video of Alaa Mubarak. A user who posted video footage wrote: "[At] the coffee shop next to a restaurant in the area, where Alaa ate dinner on Saturday night."

Alaa appeared in another video with the owner of the restaurant while he was preparing the molokhia for him.

The Facebook page “Ana Asef Ya Rayes" (I Am Sorry Mr President) posted a photo of Alaa standing with a family, with the comment: "The family of [Alaa's] late driver, who passed away while at Tora prison. This was the secret of his presence yesterday in Imbaba."

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