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Algeria may mediate in GERD crisis with Ethiopia

Strategic thinker Major General Samir Farag, praised the visit of Algerian President Abdelmadjid Tebboune to Egypt, referring to the possibility of Algeria’s mediation in the GERD crisis with Ethiopia.

He said, during a telephone interview with host Azza Mostafa, through the Tahrir Hall program, that Algeria helped Egypt in the October war by transferring a full armored brigade, pointing out that the first foreign visit of President Abdel Fattah al/Sisi was to Algeria which confirmed historic relations between the two countries.

The Algerian President’s visit to Egypt is of great importance, as Algeria is preparing to host the Arab Summit Conference, Farag said, pointing out that the Libyan file is an influential factor on Egyptian and Algerian national security, in light of the presence of mercenaries and foreign forces.

Farag expected that the file of Sudan and illegal immigration would be among the files discussed by the summit, and referred to the possibility of Algeria’s mediation in the GERD crisis.

Farag pointed out that the Egyptian-Algerian summit may witness discussions on the Algerian-Moroccan dispute, stressing the importance of the Arab League playing a role in the Libyan crisis.

The visit of the Algerian president to Egypt received great attention from international news agencies, according to Farag.

Ethiopia announced earlier in January that it will soon start producing energy from the Renaissance Dam, while it is still in dispute with Egypt and Sudan over the operation and filling process. By this step, Addis Ababa confirmed though, it does not mean “stopping the tripartite negotiations.”

Negotiations related to the Renaissance Dam have officially stopped since April 2021, after Egypt, Sudan and Ethiopia failed to reach understandings before the start of the second filling of the dam, which Ethiopia actually implemented in July.

Cairo and Khartoum reject Ethiopia’s insistence on filling the dam before reaching a binding agreement on filling and operation.

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