Amonsito workers back on streets

Around 250 workers from the Amonsito Company organized a protest yesterday in front of the Supreme Court and filed two reports to the attorney general demanding the enforcement of an agreement they had reached with Minister of Manpower Aisha Abdel Hady and Banque Misr, Amonsito’s creditior.

The Amonsito factory closed down after the owner fled Egypt. Workers were dismissed without pay and have been protesting since.

The workers are also investigating whether or not security forces violated their rights during attempts to end a 16-day-long sit in before the Shura Council.

In related news, children of the Toson workers joined their families protesting outside the Ministry of Agriculture after they finished their final exams.

Dozens of expatriate workers from the Egyptian National Railways at the National Authority for Tunnels (NAT) organized a protest in front of the office of the railway authority director to voice their frustration with the NAT’s new regulations that will start in July. The workers say the regulations strip them of the advantages they have as expatriates.

Ramadan el-Gendi, president of the General Syndicate for Workers of the Railways, said he will negotiate with the railways’ administration over the workers’ demands, calling on workers to suspend their strike until negotiations have concluded.

Meanwhile, around 100 pensioners of the Maasara Telephone Equipment Manufacturing Company and members of the workers union were on strike at the headquarter of Egyptian Trade Union Federation protesting a plan to liquidate the company and push them into early retirement.

Translated from the Arabic Edition.

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