Amonsito workers continue protests as parliament discusses

As laid-off workers continue their protest outside the parliament–wearing torn underwear, banging iron gates, and organizing mock funerals to express their anger at officials neglecting their problems–members of parliament are discussing their complains.

Workers asserted that their new protest tactics have not ended. Amonsito workers lifted an effigy of a worker in front of Shura Council and covered their mouths with tape on which they had written “I’m desperate from this government.” Others drew a skull and wrote “Government Dangerous.”

The protesters are now threatening to move their action to in front of the headquarters of the Banque Misr if a solution is not reached today during a meeting of the parliament’s Manpower Committee. Banque Misr was left with custodianship of the factory after the owner fled Egypt. The workers have not received any compensation.

Translated from the Arabic Edition.

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