Another 2 children die at Beni Suef hospital

Two children died yesterday at Beni Suef General Hospital after suffering from cramps and fever.
Witnesses said they were given a rehydration solution.
The first child was Jana Hanafy, 9 months old. Her mother, Nadia Abdel Ghany, 35, said her child suffered from an intestinal infection. She was transferred to Beni Suef hospital where she was given the solution, after which she suffered from cramps then died.
The hospital director Hesham Salah said Ali Abdel Aal, 14 months, also died at the hospital, though he was not given the rehydration solution. 
Four toddlers died last week at Beni Suef General Hospital after they were reportedly given the same rehydration solution.
Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm 

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