Anti-Brotherhood activists assaulted in Beheira

A number of activists in Beheira Governorate were assaulted by anonymous persons on Thursday evening while displaying a video titled "Ikhwan Kazeboon" (The brothers are liars).

Activist Amr Habib said that during the screening he and his colleagues were harassed and beaten by a group of people who smashed a laptop and a projector in protest against the content of the video.

Activist Farag Abu Foul said the video was displayed for the first time as part of the Ikhwan Kazeboon campaign which tries to show contradictions in the statements and actions of the Muslim Brotherhood.

During the screening, slogans were chanted including, "Two cannot be trusted: the military and the Brotherhood," and "Keep away Shater, Egypt is too big for you," in opposition to Khairat al-Shater's presidential nomination.

Independent Youm7 newspaper quoted Sherif Heshmat, the youth secretary for the Freedom and Justice Party in Beheira, as denying the Brotherhood and the FJP’s involvement in the assault.

Heshmat said it was indecent to accuse the Brotherhood or the party unjustly without any evidence. He added that the group has been subject to many attacks since the 25 January revolution, especially in Tahrir Square, without any reciprocating. Heshamt added that it was unreasonable for the Brotherhood to change its approach and resort to the methods of its rivals.

Egyptian activists had launched Ikhwan Kazeboon on Facebook in January saying they aimed to "expose the lies of Brotherhood, and warn of their plans that seek to monopolize power." The Ikhwan Kazeboon page said that it "will oppose those who use Islam to achieve personal interests."

Translated from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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