Article on military trials for civilians acceptable: Journalists Syndicate under secretary

Under Secretary of the Journalists Syndicate Gamal Fahmy said Friday that the article approved by the 50-member committee in the draft constitution on military trials for civilians was "totally acceptable under the current circumstances."
Fahmy added the article was better than the other one included in the 2012 Constitution.
"The amended article obviously banned military trials of civilians, and limited it reasonable exceptional cases, due to the current circumstances," Fahmy told Al-Masry Al-Youm.
The article specified reasonable and clear cases during which military trials could be applicable to civilians like attacking military installations, he added.
"The one who attacks military installations should be [tried] before a military court because he is no more a civilian in this case," Fahmy argued.
"Specifying aspects of aggression on military installations is so limited [in the draft constitution], and it is present in all the world's democracies," Fahmy said.
Fahmy called on objectors not to circulate among people that the draft constitution allows military trials for civilians, because it is not not true.
"[The constitutional committee] should not disregard the circumstatnces the country is experiencing while drafting the constitution," Fahmy said.
The constitution is not eternal and it could be amended over the course of time, he said.
Fahmy said the article is not applicable to journalists because it is specified for those who attack, not just approach, military installations.
The approved article in its final form states that the "trial of civilians before military courts is allowed in the crimes that represent a direct assault on the armed forces' installations, camps, personnel, equipment, or factories."

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