Authorities, Bedouin clash near Sinai’s El-Auja crossing

Clashes broke out in Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula on Monday between security forces and Bedouin tribesmen reportedly wanted by authorities.

The clashes–which took place in the El-Omar Valley near the El-Auja commercial border crossing between Egypt and Israel--resulted in the injury of two tribesmen, who were later taken to El-Arish hospital for treatment.

According to a security source, tribesmen opened fire on ten armored security vehicles waiting at the crossing before fleeing into the mountains.

Security forces had reportedly been looking for Bedouin fugitive Salem Lafi, who escaped from police two months ago after the prisoners’ truck in which he was being transported from Ismailia to El-Arish came under attack by gunmen. One police officer was killed in that attack and six others wounded.

Eyewitnesses, for their part, told the German News Agency that the police had used “excessive force” during Monday’s melee–including the use of rocket propelled grenades–to destroy a number of buildings in the village of El-Omar.

Translated from the Arabic Edition.

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