Bro’hood SMS campaign backs el-Arian for Guidance Bureau

Members of the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) opposition movement have been sending out SMS mobile-phone messages calling for the appointment of prominent MB member Essam el-Arian to the group’s authoritative Guidance Bureau. If appointed, el-Arian would take the place of deceased bureau member Muhammad Helal.

Ali Laban, a member of the group’s bloc in parliament, expressed disapproval of the campaign. "This is not how we choose our appointments to the Guidance Bureau," said Laban. "In such cases, the brotherhood’s Shura Council (consultative council) should decide."

Some MB members have accused el-Arian of organizing the campaign himself in a bid to promote his appointment to the group’s highest echelon. Guidance Bureau member Muhammad Morsi, meanwhile, declined to comment.

El-Arian, however, denies any involvement in the SMS campaign. "We don’t promote ourselves within the group," he said.

Translated from the Arabic Edition.

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