Brotherhood will not field presidential candidate, says former supreme guide

The Muslim Brotherhood will not nominate a presidential candidate, former Brotherhood Supreme Guide Mahdi Akef said Wednesday.

In an interview with CBC satellite channel, Akef said fielding a Brotherhood candidate “will bring trouble” to the group, calling on the Brotherhood to focus on the People’s Assembly and the government because the presidency is “not easy.”

Akef discussed the group’s position on the presidential candidacy of Abdel Moneim Abouel Fotouh, a former Brotherhood leader expelled after he decided to run.

“I appreciate him and his capacities, but the group is committed to its decisions. It’s above everyone. This is not the first time that one of its members has been expelled,” Akef said.

The former supreme guide downplayed the significance of mutual attacks between the Brotherhood and the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces, saying it is the result of pressures on the Brotherhood and Parliament.

Akef said Egypt’s military leaders side with Brotherhood because they “represent the majority and the nation.” He said the military council should have the support of the people, but wondered why it is not submitting to the will of the people, who he said want to form a new government.

Akef attacked the press, describing what they publish about the Brotherhood as lies.

“Whoever likens us to the National Democratic Party is a liar,” he said. “We were elected by 30 million people.”

Akef attacked some liberal powers, saying their anger is the result of their “total failure to control the People’s Assembly.”

He also attacked revolutionary youth, saying, “Who are the revolutionary youth? What did they and the Facebook guys give more than the Brotherhood?”

“We have welcomed those among them who are willing to work. But they have preferred to remain in the street and to force their will from Tahrir,” Akef said.

Translated from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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