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Children’s corner: Getting creative with kids’ rooms

If you are in the market for modern creative designs for your children’s bedroom, Al-Masry Al-Youm hit the streets to seek out some of the most innovative furniture stores in Egypt, where fun and relaxation are mixed together to create a congenial atmosphere for your kids to live in.   

“We are targeting both children and teens through distinctive designs to meet their interests and needs,” said Marwa Mohamed, assistant manager of Cilek store.

Cilek was first established 15 years ago in Turkey as a design-focused company, and has been in Egypt since 1998. The brand has a presence in another 70 countries all around the world, producing 500,000 units a year.

“High-quality materials and technology are used in the process of manufacturing our products, aiming to reach the most rigorous EU standards.”

Mohamed pointed out, “We are the only company that offers a five year warranty and a lifetime maintenance package on all products including accessories.”

There are lots of creative beds designed to cater your son or daughter’s taste. The turbo bed, according to Mohamed, is one of the most popular models for boys. Designed as a racing-car, it comes fitted with head lights and a remote control for producing engine sounds, in addition to multiple matching accessories such as a chest of drawers shaped like a petrol pump. Available in red and blue, the complete turbo bedroom retails at LE10,000.

The loft playhouse bed with slide is a marvelous way to create a great playground inside the kids’ bedroom. The bed combines two favorite playground elements–the slide and the under bed play area. It also includes a straight ladder and full-length rails in front and back, specifically designed to prevent the children from falling out.  

If you have a small bedroom, loft beds are great space-savers. “This is why many people love this design which gives space for more items of furniture and provides a neat look to the bedroom,” Mohamed said.

An added bonus to shopping at Cilek is that you have the choice of whether to buy the whole suite or not. Mohamed explained, “We produce all the complementary bedroom furniture including wardrobes, chests of drawers, wall units, desks, book cases and bedside tables, but some clients do not have enough space for all these items. In addition, we do not want to burden our clients with the cost of extra units, which they may not need.”

There are two other branches of Cilek in Arkadia mall and Nasr city.

Prices for the children’s bedroom suites range from LE10,000 to LE18,000, depending on designs and sizes. The teenagers’ furniture costs up to LE23,000 for an entire suite.

Another Turkish furniture store called Dogtas, which has just opened, introduces an attractive modern collection of bedrooms.

The store carries all the favorite designs such as spider-man, football, pirates and motorcycles to attract boys between the ages of two and 13. In addition there are two more feminine models, “Miss” and “Secret Garden”, painted in pink to appeal to girls of all ages.

Since no innovative idea has been missed in Dogtas, “Rock” and “Spirit” represent the musical and sporty designs and target older children and teenagers. Both feature pull out beds to provide extra sleeping space for guests.  

If you’re looking for a toddler’s bedroom, Cocoon is the perfect place for cozy, elegant styles for your baby.

Lobna al-Kallini, the owner of the store, said, “I make the designs myself, so I have learned through my three years’ experience in this field that tastes change over time”, adding, “This is why I come up with new designs for every collection.”

You can find a wide variety of choices in babies’ cribs such as standard rectangular, classic round, baby cradle and convertible. All cribs are available in both white and brown colors, ornamented with colorful paintings.

The store also offers nursing chairs and changing tables with safety harnesses to protect your baby from rolling off. “A changing table where you can change a baby’s diaper as well as store his supplies is a very useful item of furniture.”

“We also produce a wide range of accessories including duvets, quilts, pillow cases, cot cushions and mattresses,” al-Kallini said. You can choose from plain or patterned, decorated with tweety, ladybugs or dolphins.   

Besides Cocoon’s unique styles, according to al-Kallini, “Our reasonable prices, which range from LE2,200 to LE4000, are another reason for our success.”

Address: 8 Fowa St., Dokki
Telephone: 33451271/ 33455748

Address: 11 Hassan Sabry, Degla Center, Zamalek
Telephone number: 27377484

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