Coptic Christmas celebrations to air on state TV, four satellite channels

Coptic Christmas celebrations will be aired on state TV channels and four of the privately-owned satellite TV channels on Thursday from 7PM until midnight. A TV show, called ‘al-Massreyoun or ‘The Egyptians,’ will air the Coptic mass.

The Minister of Information has selected 11 prominent presenters, including Mahmoud Saad, Khairy Ramadan, Mona al-Sharqawy, Mona al-Shazly, Lamees al-Hadeedi and Moataz al-Demerdash to broadcast the TV show which is to begin at 7PM from the Coptic Orthodox Cathedral in Abbassiya and to last until 12PM with the conclusion of mass.

The program will be broadcasted on satellite channels including Dream, al-Hayah, al-Mehwar and On TV beside daily aired TV shows “Masr al-Naharda” and “Min Qalb Masr.”

A group of intellectuals including head of Shura Council’s Foreign Affairs Committee Mostafa al-Fiqqi, Pope Shenouda’s secretary Bishop You’anes, novelist Gamal al-Gheitany, musician Ammar al-Shereiy, and journalist Louis Gerees will be guests on the show.

Mohamed Abdel Metaal, head of the network al-Hayah TV where the program will air, said that it will highlight unity among Egyptians.

Translated from the Arabic Edition.

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