Coptic Pope calls for calm following sectarian clashes

Egyptian Coptic Pope Shenouda III contacted a number of priests instructing them to try to calm things down with regards to the sectarian clashes that broke after the Two Martyrs Church was burned in Helwan said a church source. The incident triggered large Coptic demonstrations in Cairo throughout the week that led to clashes on Tuesday resulting in at least 13 deaths and over 100 injuries.

Shenouda is currently in the United States for medical examinations and is scheduled to return to Cairo on Saturday. The source said the Pope had requested a report on the events.

Father Salib Matta Sawiris, a member of the Maglis Milli, said a number of church leaders are considering sending a delegation to the protesters outside the Egyptian Television building to convince them to break up their demonstration in order to preserve stability and avoid escalating the situation. 
Hundreds of Copts are demonstrating in front of the TV building in Maspiro to protest the burning of the church Sol, Atfeeh, south of Cairo.
The protesters called for the dismissal of the governor of Helwan–the governorate where the incident took place–and accused him of failing to protect the church. They also called for compensation for those harmed and the restoration of the church at the expense of the state.
Translated from the Arabic Edition.

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