Coptic Youth Movement joins ‘Day of Departure’ demonstrations

The Coptic Youth Movement confirmed the participation of thousands of Coptic Christians in Friday's “Day of  Departure” demonstrations, held to demand that President Hosni Mubarak resign immediately.

Copts taking part in the demonstrations came from several districts of Cairo, including Shubra, Ain Shams, Mattariya, Al-Zaher and Old Cairo.

The movement added that other Copts had also participated in demonstrations held in several provinces throughout Egypt.

“From day one, we've been participating in the demonstrations to call for the ouster of the regime, which we blame for Egypt’s economic and social decline,” said movement official Rami Kamel. “What's more, this regime excluded Coptic activists from dialogue.”

“The regime is responsible for the sectarian problems suffered by Copts,” he added. “Proof of this is that no church was attacked during the unprecedented absence of security that we have recently witnessed.”

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