Court to rule on Friday of Anger killings 24 November

The Cairo Criminal Court announced on Thursday it would issue a final ruling on 24 November against two police officers facing charges of killing protesters on the day dubbed the Friday of Anger during the January revolution.

The officers are accused of killing five protesters and injuring seven others outside the Darb al-Ahmar police station on 28 January 2011.

The defendants' lawyer called for their acquittal, claiming that the charges were false and based on malicious motives.

According to the defense, one of the accused, Captain Ahmed al-Shazly, was stationed at the Cairo Security Department on the day of the killings and therefore could not be held responsible. The other defendant was not present at the scene, either, the defense claimed, as he was securing Al-Azhar Mosque during Friday prayers on that day.

In addition, the lawyer alleged that the protesters who had been killed and injured were violent and had attempted to burn down the police station.

Brigadier General Ahmed Helmy, Captain Mohamed Fawzy and Captain Ahmed Kilany all provided testimony corroborating Shazly’s alibi, the defense claimed.

The lawyer futher alleged that the charges were fabricated by criminals in the district who are hostile towards Shazly after his 11 years on the police force. He suggested that the protesters may have been killed by unknown gunmen who infiltrated the demonstrations.

Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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