Culture minister: Youth should take lead after transitional phase

Caretaker Culture Minister Emad Abu Ghazi said the interim cabinet under Prime Minister Essam Sharaf should hand over duties to the youth once the transitional phase ends.

During a symposium held at Cairo Atelier, Abu Ghazi said he hopes that youth will be appointed to positions of authority.

A number of documents from the Culture Ministry were required for investigations, according to Abu Ghazi, and they were all turned over before he took office.

The Culture Ministry website will accept complaints from intellectuals, he added, and the ministry’s budget will be announced on its website.

Abu Ghazi urged whoever wants to communicate with him to do so via the official Facebook page of the Supreme Council of Culture or through his personal website.

He said he will ask the ministry's website administrators to refer complaints and messages to him until the ministry’s website is completely developed.

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