Economic court postpones hearing on freezing Hosni Mubarak family’s funds

The Economic Court postponed a hearing on freezing the personal funds of the family of former President Hosni Mubarak to October 5.

The Financial Regulatory Authority received a notification from the head of the Seized Funds Department on November 3, 2020 about a decision from the top prosecutor on temporarily freezing the personal funds of Alaa Mohamed Hosni Mubarak, Gamal Mohamed Hosni Mubarak, his wife Khadija Mahmoud Yehia al-Gammal, and his two children Farida and Mahmoud Gamal Mubarak, without the balances of the companies in which they contribute.

The freezing also extended to their personal real estate funds which prevented them from selling, mortgaging or waiving their real estate possessions.

The Financial Regulatory Authority sent notifications to brokerage, stock exchange and clearing companies to take the necessary measures towards them.

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