Egypt sets up integrated hotlines for coronavirus communications

Director of Egypt’s Unified Governmental Complaints System Tareq al-Rifaei, announced the activation of the Health Ministry’s hotline for reporting new coronavirus cases (105) and another hotline for the same purpose, affiliated with the Egyptian Cabinet (16528).

A hotline for the Ministry of Higher Education has also been set up for medical consultations (15311), he added.

The three lines have been integrated to allow authorities to receive more communications from citizens, to more efficiently provide services, and to allow citizens to receive services across all three lines in the same call if they need.

The Cabinet coordinated with local authorities in various governorates to implement the prime minister’s directive to allocate hotlines for citizens’ complaints and inquiries about coronavirus, and to integrate and link them with crisis management committees in order to expand the base for receiving citizens’ calls and dealing with them directly.

Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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