Egypt to ease coronavirus restrictions during Ramadan due to decline in infections

Egypt will ease coronavirus restrictions and precautionary measures during Ramadan.

This is due to the fact that infection and hospitalization rates as well as death rates have been declining over the past five weeks, official spokesperson for the Ministry of Health, Hossam Abdel Ghaffar, said during a telephone interview on the “Kelma Akhira” (A Last Word) program broadcast on ON satellite channel, on Sunday.

The Supreme Committee for the Management of the Coronavirus Crisis eased some of the measures that were previously taken to reduce the severity of infections, he added.

The Supreme Committee for the Management of the Coronavirus Crisis in Egypt agreed, in a meeting on Sunday, to ease a number of previously approved restrictions for confronting coronavirus.

The committee’s decisions included allowing the opening of event halls attached to mosques, allowing the al-Asr prayers lessons to be held and the Taraweeh prayers, in major mosques during the month of Ramadan.

The Egyptian Cabinet’s spokesperson Nader Saad said that it is the advance planning for crises that enables us to be proactive and always take proactive measures, whether with regard to restrictive or mitigating measures regarding coronavirus pandemic.

Saad added that meetings of the COVID-19 pandemic crisis committee decided to allow weddings to be held in separate closed places, starting from April, which were banned to over the past two years.

The Cabinet spokesman added that closed halls in mosques will be opened as of April 1, for funerals or celebrations, in addition to working with summer opening hours for shops.

He said that Ramadan Iftar charity banquets will be allowed, whether held in mosques or public areas.

The Egyptian Ministry of Health and Population announced on Saturday that the average number of daily infections with COVID-19 during the last week reached 625 cases, while the average daily death toll was eight new cases.

The spokesperson for the Ministry of Health and Population, Hossam Abdel Ghaffar, said in a statement that the average daily number of people recovering from coronavirus last week reached 615, bringing the total number of people recovering from the virus so far to 434,506.

The statement noted that the number of people who are fully vaccinated against coronavirus was up to 32,088,136 people.

The Health and Population Ministry confirmed on March 12 the end of the peak of the fifth wave after the decline and stability of daily infections with COVID-19, noting that vaccines play a major role in the decline in infections and severity of diseases.

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