Egyptian coronavirus drugs under study: official

Hossam Hosny, Chairperson of Egypt’s Scientific Committee to Combat Coronavirus, said on Saturday that purely Egyptian-made coronavirus medicines are now under study.

Hosny made the announcement during a phone call on the television program Al-Hayat Al-Youm, broadcast on the Al-Hayat satellite channel.

Hosny confirmed that preliminary data are being collected from quarantine hospitals nationwide to contribute to research on the new medicines.

So far, he added, the Egyptian protocol in treating coronavirus has proved to be one of the most successful.

He pointed out that the rate of recovery for those infected with the virus rose from 500 to 600 cases per day, adding that if the rate of infection at only 600 cases, it means that Egypt will record a stable infection rate.

Hosny announced at the end of June that within two weeks, an effective and purely Egyptian-made COVID-19 drug would be available on the market.

Hosny added at the time that experiments conducted on the drug in question have shown good initial results.

Egypt has become the only country in the Middle East to produce all its coronavirus drugs locally, Hosny added, with locally-manufactured Russian and US medicines to be available on the market following necessary clinical trials.

During a phone call with the “Hadrat al-Mowaten” TV program in June, Hosny said that within a few weeks the results of the clinical trials for an American drug set to be manufactured in Egypt will be ready.

Official sources at the Ministry of Health revealed that the drug remdesivir, which is used to treat severe coronavirus cases, will be manufactured in Egypt and made available in the Egyptian market in July.

Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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