Egyptian expats call on interim govt for right to vote in elections

US-based Egyptians are calling on Egypt’s caretaker Prime Minister Essam Sharaf to allow them to vote in the upcoming parliamentary and presidential elections.

Mahmoud al-Shazli, president of the Alliance of Egyptian-Americans (AEA), told Al-Masry Al-Youm that the transitional phase must involve a transformation from authoritarian to democratic rule.

“It’s time that Egyptian expatriates support Egypt’s economy and development programs professionally and financially,” said Sabri al-Baga, the AEA's vice president. He added that the AEA is trying to support the Egyptian economy while lobbying for expats’ right to vote in upcoming elections.

The AEA lists a number of demands on its website.

In related news, Egyptians abroad are contemplating forming a political party that can support their demands and the needs of expats returning to Egypt. Among the party's primary goals would be the right to run for and vote in the presidential and parliamentary elections in accordance with the provisions of the Constitution and the Emigration and Sponsoring Egyptians Abroad Law, Law 111/1983.

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