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Egyptian teenager chosen among 25 most creative artists globally

At 18 years old, Egyptian Ahmed Emad Eldin was selected as one of the most creative visual artists under the age of 25 by Adobe’s “25 under 25” competition. 
In celebration of Adobe’s 25th anniversary, the American multimedia computer software set off on a quest a few months ago “for the most innovative, forward-looking work out there that will show the world what the next generation of Photoshop artists is made of,” announced Lex van den Berghe, senior product manager for Digital Imaging solutions at Adobe on
As mentioned on his Behance account, Eldin will also display his eye-capturing designs and visual manipulation creations on Adobe Photoshop’s brand new Instagram account for two weeks. 
Eldin’s selection in the competition, however, was not his first step on the ladder of success. 
Last November, one of his artworks made a statement when it ended up as the cover for the largely instrumental album "The Endless River" of internationally celebrated English rock band Pink Floyd.  
“A creative agency working for Pink Floyd contacted me after checking my artwork through the Internet as my work has appeared in online galleries on,” Eldin told The Independent.
The entrancing cover art from the talented digital artist depicts a man punting along a river of clouds toward distant, glimmering sunrays.
The band's creative director and Hipgnosis design studio co-founder Aubrey Powell, who unearthed Eldin’s talent, said, “When we saw Ahmed’s image it had an instant Floydian resonance. It’s enigmatic and open to interpretation, and is the cover that works so well for 'The Endless River'.”
The cover art was globally featured in prominent cities, from New York, Paris and Sydney to London, Berlin and Milan. 
Eldin has been fascinated by the visual medium since childhood. By the age of 13, he embarked on a personal voyage of art knowledge by surfing the Internet. 
Little did he know that, in a relatively short time, his latent talent would develop into world-renowned, distinctive artwork. 

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