Egyptians returning from Tunisia say situation improving

Late on Monday 134 Egyptians traveling on Egyptian and Tunisian planes arrived in Egypt. The passengers had been stranded in Tunisia after flights between the two countries were suspended following a popular uprising which led to the ousting of president Zine al-Abidine Ben Ali.

Alaa Ashour, Chairman of EgyptAir Airlines, said a 340 Airbus had been sent to Tunisia to transfer Egyptians seeking to return home.

Meanwhile, the first Tunisian flight landed yesterday in Cairo following a four-day suspension due to recent developments in Tunisia. Fifty-eight passengers, most of whom were Egyptians, traveled on a plane carrying another 56 passengers, most of whom were media professionals and Tunisians.

Hussein Massoud, head of the EgyptAir holding company, received passengers at the airport and said the company will organize flights to transfer more Egyptians in Tunisia.

Massoud added that he had given instructions to EgyptAir’s director in Tunisia to board any passenger wishing to return to Egypt, without taking into consideration whether or not he holds a ticket.

Returnees said they believed the situation is improving despite sporadic protests in Tunis and other cities demanding that the Constitutional Democratic Rally–the ousted president’s party–not participate in formation of a new government.

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