Electricity Ministry cuts power to state facilities over unpaid bills

The Ministry of Electricity has cut power to some administrative buildings of government companies and agencies that have not paid electricity bills, the ministry said in a statement of Thursday.
However, it said it would not cut power to factories or those providing services to customers.
Electricity companies have started cutting power to government administrative facilities due to the "increase in the size of their  debts to the Ministry of Electricity", said ministry spokesman Mohamed al-Yamany.
"We will not cut off power to water stations, the metro service, or other vital places. … We will suspend power to administrative buildings only until the settlement of their due bills," he added.
Ministry sources revealed that water and sanitation companies owe the ministry the largest debts, totaling around LE5.4 billion. This is followed by the Ministry of Endowments with LE1.2 billion.
The sources pointed out that the state-owned TV and radio building Maspero also owes the ministry large amounts of money, and officials are currently in negotiations to prevent power being cut there.
Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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