Facebook honors young Egyptian engineer for unveiling security gaps

Social media platform Facebook has rewarded a young Egyptian engineer from Luxor for discovering loopholes in its  security system.

Engineer Mohamed Abdel Al Aty has been added to Facebook’s list of honor for his contribution to the social media platform.

The security error can cause disruptions to message services without notifying users, state-run newspaper of Akhabr Al Youm reported.

In addition to being added to the list of honor, Facebook also rewarded Abdel al-Aty with an undisclosed sum of money.

Facebook allows users to discover gaps in their security systems and appreciates when they are informed as it ensures the site’s development.

This is not the first time the young Egyptian engineer is honored for his online security research. He has previously been included in Facebook’s and Google’s lists of honor honor after discovering multiple loopholes in these sites.

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