Finance ministry getting ready to launch incentive program

Finance Minister Mohamed Maait said that the Ministry of Finance and the Egyptian Tax Authority are getting ready to launch an incentive program under the rubric “your bill, your protection, your prize” which is the first program of its kind to make the citizen a basic partner for the success of electronic taxes.

In a statement on Saturday, Maait said that the program aims at creating a new tax culture that urges citizens to ask for a receipt from the shops within the framework of the state plan to merge the non-official economy in the official system.

The drive coincides with the steps taken by the state to realize digital transformation and financial inclusion and transferring to electronic systems, including the e-bill system and e-receipt system, Maait said.

The program is designed to guarantee a group of incentives, including getting free buying coupons and other big prizes, he said.

The program will work on encouraging citizens to interact with the taxes systems and demand bills and receipts, he said.


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