FJP dominates Shura Council committee chairmanships

The Muslim Brotherhood’s Freedom and Justice Party won the chairmanship for nine of 13 Shura Council special committees Tuesday. The Salafi Nour Party won chairmanship of two committees and the Egyptian Social Democratic Party and Hadara Parties each won a chairmanship.

The FJP won the chairmanships of the education, agricultural production, culture, media, tourism, transport and communications, legislative, financial and economic affairs, Arab and foreign affairs, human development, local administration and health committees.

The Nour Party won chairmanship of the housing committee and the youth and sports committees, while the Egyptian Social Democratic Party won chairmanship of the human rights committee and the Hadara Party won chairmanship of the industry and energy committee.

On Tuesday, Ahmed Fahmy of the FJP was elected speaker of the Shura Council. He won 175 valid votes out of 180, according to Mohamed Hassan al-Meligy, who chaired the council temporarily until the new speaker was elected.

Tariq Sahry of the Nour Party and Mostafa Hamoud of the Wafd Party were elected as Shura Council deputies.

The Shura Council has limited legislative powers and is an advisory body to Parliament.

Two-thirds of the Shura Council's 270 members are chosen through general elections and the remaining third is appointed by the president.

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