FM calls revolution one of most important in history

Egyptian Foreign Minister Ahmed Abul Gheit said on Wednesday that the 25 January revolution that felled President Mubarak, “is one of most important revolution throughout history.”

“It caused positive change in Egypt,” said Abul Gheit, who has kept his position despite the fall of many Mubarak-era officials, during the opening session of an Arab League meeting for foreign ministers.

“Egypt now moves towards a democratic society based on justice, freedom, equality and dignity,” Abul Gheit added, calling on Arab and other nations to support Egypt as it achieves change.

Since Mubarak's resignation, Abul Gheit has tried to distance himself from the deposed regime and has fervently defended his support for the popular demonstrations.

Independent Egyptian daily newspaper Al-Shorouk had earlier published a diplomatic telegram issued by the minister's office claiming that protesters were receiving foreign funding.

According to the newspaper, the telegram, dated 3 February, was sent to Egypt's diplomatic missions abroad and was signed by Foreign Ministry Spokesman Hossam Zaki. In the telegram, Abul Gheit called on Egypt's foreign embassies to "inform foreign ministries that the ministry’s communications with the security services indicate the arrest of foreign elements among the protesters."

Abul Gheit responded by saying it is slander against his reputation to leak a cable as evidence he was against the revolution.

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