Former Brotherhood figure describes Morsy trial as ‘comedy’

Strong Egypt Party leader Abdel Moneim Aboul Fotouh has dismissed the trial of Mohamed Morsy as "comedy," adding that honourable Egyptians will denounce it.
The former Muslim Brotherhood figure who defected from the group to run for presidency in 2012 posted on his Twitter account, saying: “Honorable Egyptians, including judges, denounce the comedy trial of the first elected president and curse whoever took part in insulting Egyptians’ will.”

The Strong Egypt Party said later on Monday that Morsy's trial was “accepted in principle," providing no one was above the rule of law in a free, democratic Egypt.

In a statement that party claimed that the trial should have included Morsy’s interior and defense ministers who deserved to be brought to political and criminal trials on charges of murder and violating human rights under Morsy’s rule.

“The trial of the deposed president requires at the same time the trial of [SCAF], which took office for one year and a half, for crimes known to all Egyptians that led to the killing and injury of hundreds of Egyptians without investigations or trials. It also require trials for Mubarak’s aides for the social and political crimes that lasted for 30 years and ended with innocence."

Edited translation from MENA

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