Former diplomat: Moussa abusing position in Arab League

Former Egyptian diplomat and likely presidential candidate Abdullah al-Ashal has launched a scathing attack on Secretary General of the Arab League Amr Moussa.

Al-Ashal, who was an assistant to the former foreign minister, accused Moussa of using the league’s resources and his time as secretary general to benefit his presidential campaign.

Al-Ashal said Moussa's actions are likely to undermine the position of potential future secretary general Mostafa al-Feki.

Al-Ashal called on the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces to intervene and put a stop to Moussa’s presidential campaigning, as his mandate as secretary general has not yet expired. Al-Ashal said that Moussa received a delegation of 150 Egyptian farmers at his office at the Arab League headquarters on Saturday, an action that al-Ashal described as mixing the general secetary's international duties with the internal affairs of the country.

Al-Ashal went on to say that Moussa was abusing his position of authority in order to advance his presidential campaign, holding unofficial meetings with a number of Egyptian public figures at the Arab League headquarters. He also accused Moussa of using the league’s funds to print campaign posters.

Al-Ashal said Moussa’s actions are affecting Egypt’s image in the eyes of other Arab countries, as presidential campaigns should not be associated with international or regional roles.

Translated from the Arabic Edition

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