General Intelligence Service hands out subsidized food in Bani Swaif

Egypt’s General Intelligence Service has provided subsidized commodities for citizens in Bani Swaif governorate.

Governor Sherif Habib said Saturday that the move is in line with state efforts to provide basic commodities for affordable prices to relieve low-income households.

The boxes of goods were delivered to underprivileged families in the governorate.

Soaring prices have posed an increasing challenge to Egyptians in recent months. The month of Ramadan, when Egyptians traditionally consume large amounts of food during evening feasts, starts on Monday.

Among the various commodities that have witnessed recent price hikes are poultry and other meats, rice, cooking oil and vegetables.

Nearly 40 percent of Egypt's population lives on the poverty line, which is less than US$2 a day, according to government statistics from last year.

To fix the prices of commodities, the government has sent refrigerator trucks to squares, selling subsidized rice, meat, and poultry products. The armed forces have been applying similar methods, but so far they have not been able to bring inflation under control.

 Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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