Google commemorates Arab music icon

Google is celebrating the 129th anniversary of Sayyed Darwish, an Egyptian musician born on 17 March, 1892, in the city of Alexandria.

On the homepage of its Arabic browser, Google replaced the "G" letter in its name with a photo of Darwish. The Egyptian flag stretched over the rest of the word, carrying the initial line of the country's national anthem, which Darwish himself wrote.

Saying that he introduced new keys to Arab music, music experts see Darwish as a pioneer of musical renaissance in Egypt and the Arab World.

Giving up education at a religious institution, Darwish started his career in 1905, when he worked as a composer for a number of famous singers at the time.

He travelled to Syria in 1912, where he mastered playing the lute and wrote musical pieces professionally.

Darwish's record includes about 100 songs, the most famous of which was Oum Ya Masry (Rise up, Egyptian).

Darwish passed away in 1923.

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