Group of 45 to renew protest on Sunday

The Group of 45 has continued its protests in front of ruling National Democratic Party’s headquarters, after being forcibly prevented from protesting in front of parliament. They are demanding the implementation of court rulings allowing them to be appointed as assistant representatives at the State Lawsuits Authority.

Protesters hung banners calling on President Mubarak to intervene and address their grievances.

In a related development, Amonsito textile workers have announced the beginning of a new protest, starting Sunday in front of the prosecutor-general’s office. Meanwhile, workers of the Maasara Telephone Equipment Manufacturing Company indicated to that they’re waiting on a recent agreement, which aims to resolve their dispute over unpaid salaries, to enter into force.

Workers from the Nubareya Agricultural Services company have also announced the suspension of their protests until investigations conducted by the prosecutor-general are completed.

Meanwhile, residents of the Tosson district in Alexandria have continued their protest, that has entered its 46th consecutive day, in front of the Ministry of Agriculture. The demonstrators are protesting the demolition of their homes and the clearance of their lands for powerful businessmen.

Translated from the Arabic edition.

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