Human rights group had warned military of violence, say legal sources

The Egyptian National Council for Human Rights (NCHR) had warned the ruling Supreme Council of the Armed Forces and the government of the Maspero violence, legal sources have said.

Coptic demonstrators clashed with army personnel on Sunday before the state television building in Maspero. Twenty-five people were killed and another 322 were wounded.

The NCHR sent a warning memo to the military council on 9 September, after receiving complaints about the outbreak of clashes between Coptic Christians and Muslims over the building of a church in the city of Edfu near Aswan. The clashes heralded the Maspero incident, and Copts had staged demonstrations two weeks ago against attacks on the church.

The sources indicated that the NCHR sent a similar memo to Prime Minister Essam Sharaf four days ago, urging him to investigate the church attack and question Aswan governor Mostafa al-Sayed about the matter.

Translated from the Arabic Edition

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