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Interior Ministry reveals details behind North Coast nightclub fight

The Interior Ministry on Friday revealed the circumstances surrounding a violent fight in a nightclub on the North Coast, after footage of the incident caused outrage on Instagram.

The Ministry said in a statement that on June 19, the al-Alamein Police Department in the Matrouh Security Directorate was informed of a fight and injured people in one of the nightclubs in the area.

It explained that the first party to the fight was the manager in charge of the “unlicensed” nightclub and six workers, and the second were three people who frequented the nightclub, and one of them was in possession of a pistol.

According to the statement, the fight broke out after the manager prevented the group from entering the nightclub.

The statement added: “This resulted in four people from both sides being injured with abrasions, bruises and suspected fractures, and damage to four cars that happened to be at the scene of the fight.”

“It also became clear that what was reported regarding the death of a person was not true, and both parties to the fight were arrested and legal measures were taken in a timely manner,” it added.

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