Islamists: Supra-constitutional principles would provoke Egyptians

A coalition of Islamic groups issued a statement on Monday refusing supra-constitutional principles.

The Islamic Forces Coalition said issuing the principles would provoke Egyptians and violate their will.

The coalition is notorious for calling for the 29 July protest, which has been described as a show of force by Islamists in Tahrir Square.

This week the ruling Supreme Council for Armed Forces (SCAF) declared an intention to issue a constitutional declaration stipulating rules for electing the members of the assembly that will write the new constitution, once there is a consensus among political groups.

Members of the assembly will be selected from the parliament that will be elected in November. Secular groups fear Islamists' domination of the new parliament.

The Muslim Brotherhood and Salafis threaten escalation if the SCAF issues such principles.

The government said it will consider several documents, proposed by individuals and institutions, when setting the assembly's rules of election.

The statement also said that issuing a constitutional declaration is at odds with the people’s will and the March referendum, is a return to dictatorship and a violation of democracy.

The coalition urged revolutionary youth to maintain the achievements of the revolution.

The coalition includes Salafis, the Muslim Brotherhood, Jama’a al-Islamiya, the People’s Will Front, the Islamic Egyptian Youth Coalition, and the Freedom and Justice, Nour, Reform and Development and Asala parties.

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