Israel envoy in Cairo to discuss alleged spy

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's personal envoy arrived in Cairo on Wednesday for a brief visit with Egyptian officials. 

Isaac Molho's visit is the first for an Israeli official following news that Egypt arrested alleged Israeli Mossad agent Ilan Grapel. 
Molho will hold talks with Egyptian officials to discuss the espionage charges, as well as Egyptian-Israeli relations, the Israeli gas export deal, the Middle East peace process and Gilad Shalit, an Israeli soldier detained in Gaza. 
On 12 June, Egyptian authorities announced Grapel's arrest for allegedly spying for Israel and attempting to recruit an Egyptian in the aftermath of former President Hosni Mubarak's resignation.
Officials have alleged that Grapel visited Tahrir Square daily inciting sectarian strife and distributing money, as well as trying to create divisions between people and the military.
But news reports indicate the dual American-Israeli citizen was in Cairo volunteering for a refugee organization.
Translated from the Arabic Edition

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