Israeli protesters demand removal of Egyptian flag at Eilat consulate

Dozens of Israeli activists who belong to the Eilat Is Jewish Movement staged a protest on Thursday outside the Egyptian Consulate in Eilat demanding to take down the Egyptian flag, reported the Aref Aref Eilat website on Thursday.

The website reported that a large number of police were called to the scene and arrested some of the activists.

Eilat's police chief Lior Ben-Simon said the protesters had not obtained a permit to stage the demonstration, which is why the police reached the scene and dispersed them, reported Aref Aref Eilat.

The Eilat Is Jewish Movement staged a protest last weekend as well, chanting slogans against the Prophet Mohamed and the Egyptian people. Some of the protesters wore T-shirts that read: "O Jews, let's triumph."

"We are protesting the recent attack by Egyptians on our embassy in Cairo, as well as the borders which have become open, and the Sudanese who will enter and soon control our city," the website quoted Moshe Ben Kizara, the organizer of the protest, as saying.

Kizara is one of the most outspoken critics of Arabs in Israel. He moved to Eilat after spreading anti-Arab sentiment in the Israeli settlement of Pisgat Ze'ev in Jerusalem, where he formed groups of Israeli volunteers designed to prevent young Arabs from entering the neighborhood.

Ben Kizara also told Aref Aref Eilat he will continue his activities in Eilat.

Translated from the Arabic Edition

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