Job opportunity rate has fallen 47% since January

The job opportunity rate in Egypt has declined by 47 percent since the beginning of protests in January, due to low investment rates in the Egyptian economy, said Minister of Manpower and Immigration Ahmed Hassan al-Borai in a speech delivered Thursday.

Borai delivered the speech during a collective iftar (breakfast) with Alexandria Chamber of Commerce members at Borg al-Arab City.

"We do not have a plan [to confront undocumented migration], although the main reason behind that is unemployment," Borai said.

He called to use the revolution to achieve social justice and carry out reforms, otherwise the current bad conditions would only get worse.

Borai denied that former President Hosni Mubarak's trial has had a negative impact on Egyptian labor abroad, especially in Gulf countries.

Before the 25 January revolution, Egypt expected a social revolution and not a political one. So now it has to carry out real reforms, otherwise another social revolution could occur, he said.

Creating job opportunities is not his ministry's responsibility, though, Borai said, noting that its role is limited to preparing workers for their occupations.

Translated from the Arabic Edition

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